New videos added

I’ve been putting some time into editing and posting several videos I’ve had sitting on my hard drive.  In particular there are several Time Lapse videos I’ve been doing nothing with, so it was nice to put them together and load a few of them to the site.

One of them in particular is rather interesting, in that it shows a very unusual phenomenon called Wind Shear, or windshear if you go for the single word spelling.  I never noticed it until I was doing some dust-correction work and was scrubbing back and forth through the video, and then it just sort of hit me.

You can watch the very short cumulous clouds hanging over the airport at YVR, building and decaying at various stages of development as they seem to want to go one way at the bottom of the cloud, and another at the top.  In fact, I think if not for the windshear, the clouds vertical development would actually be much greater.

The other video I was happy to put online is called ‘Around YVR’ and was shot about 20 months ago. The opening shot was taken from what I call Coyote Bluff, the large mound of dirt that used to be piled up just next to BCIT’s Aviation Campus.

I climbed the hill with my camera and tripod, and quickly found the perfect angle to shoot from as planes departed YVR runway 08R, heading straight at me on my hilltop vantage point. The only unpleasant point of the shooting location was that it appeared to be a coyote den, or at least ‘hang out’, or, toilet perhaps is the word I’m looking for, as there was ‘droppings’ of noteworthy quantity all around, accompanied by the requisite volume of flies, mosquitos, nats, and who knows what else, circling me and my camera as I tried to take some interesting video or departing planes.

Something I hope to be adding in a few days is a section for photographs of the Abbotsford Airshow. The past couple of years I’ve been shooting from outside the show, in a location that puts the sun BEHIND me as I photograph the airplanes doing their show performance. The lighting is very nice, and it lends itself to pleasing photographs, as opposed to the back-lit images of so many years that were, even when compositionally interesting, nothing more than disappointing in most every case. So I’m looking forward to having some of those images up soon.

Hope you enjoy the images…


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