Looking through old Photographs

In the process of getting this blog set up and running, I’ve been looking through some old photographs to see if there is something I want to include here. Naturally most of the photos from Japan are a few years old at this point, and it was kind of interesting to go through some of the images I have on this computer.


This image was on my web site when I was in Japan.  Its taken from the platform of the train station in Makuhari, which was the city in Chiba where we lived, about 40 minutes from Tokyo…  I love the way all the power lines, and utility poles and cross bars and trusses create this forest like appearance, with concrete and steel taking the place of bark and leaves. I pulled all the colour out of the image except a tiny bit of red left on the signal.


Speaking of Tokyo, lets try something.  Its a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I cannot stand the way westerners pronounce the name of this city.  There is no KEY in the word, and I fear that Mick Jagger has ruined this city’s name for all time to come by the way he pronounced it in one of his songs.  Its two syllables, not three.  Mick calls it Tow-Key-Oh. This is wrong. It is Tow-kyo, with the last part of the word something like how you might call out to a friend… YO…  with a soft K in front of it…  the way you say the word kick… but without the ick part..  Combining these two sounds to create a single syllable is not difficult, and once said correctly has a MUCH less up-and-down melodic sound to it.


And since we’ve just finished, or almost finished our cherry blossom viewing, I thought I’d throw in this image of a street covered with Cherry Blossoms, creating a tunnel made of the most beautiful trees in the world.



More later…


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First Things First… wheels down and locked!

So I’ve installed a new blog on my site, and created what I hope will be a simple way to view my photographs and videos if I get around to uploading them.  Its a bit of a learning curve to figure out the new software to make the sight work, but with a bit of luck, over the next few days I should be able to add content, get the menu’s working, and just maybe a working web site will settle out of the dust. But first things first… let me get it working. Check back later to see if I did…  Thanks


Boeing 747

Final Approach to Vancouver International Airport Runway 26R

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